What is GameChanger11?

Game Changer 11 popularly known as GC11 is a Fantasy League Application/Website available for web and Android. The concept of this game is pretty simple - it tests both your statistical and gaming skill by being a virtual boss.

How do I register?

It is quite easy! All you need to do is sign up a form filling in all your details along with a valid email and mobile number. You can also connect instantly by clicking on either Facebook or Google Account and signing up using your credentials. Once done you can start creating your team and to know more please check out our “How to Play” page on our website.

How do I change my password?

When you are logged in, click on the “Profile” tab then click “Change Password” and update it using your new password.

Why can’t I login to my account?

Please check whether your registered email address and password are entered correctly and try logging in again. If you've forgotten your password, click on 'Forgot Password', enter your registered email ID and we’ll send you a link to reset your password on it within a few minutes! If you've forgotten your registered email id, reach out to us at Contact Us.

How many Accounts can I create with the same email Id?

You can create only one account with one email id on GameChanger11. Creation of multiple accounts by a single gamer is strictly prohibited and violates our rules.

Can I update / edit my information?

You can edit some of your information on GameChanger11. Here’s how:

  • On the GameChanger11 app, click on Profile tab.
  • You can now edit the fields that are active. The ones that are shaded out can’t be edited. This is purely done for security purpose.

I’m sure I've got the right username and password but I still can't login.

That’s strange! If you are sure that you are a registered user on GameChanger11 and are entering the correct details but are still unable to login please drop us an email us at Contact Us. Our support team will be more than happy to assist you.

How many teams can I create for every Match?

You can create up to 6 teams for a particular match. All you need to do is click on the ‘Create Team’ button to create another team. You can join the contest with any of those created teams. You can also join a contest with multiple teams in a multi-entry contest. You also have the option to clone and modify the existing team.

I did not get any email confirmation after signing-up?

  1. It could have been marked as Spam mail by your mailbox. Please check your spam mail and mark the email from as ‘Not Spam’. You can add this email-ID to your contacts.
  2. You may have entered a different email id than the one used by you during registration. For any assistance, please drop us an email at Contact Us.

I did not get any email with the forget password link?

  1. It could have been marked as Spam mail by your mailbox. Please check your spam mail and mark the email from as ‘Not Spam’. You can add this email-ID to your contacts.
  2. You may have entered a different email id than the one used by you during registration. For any assistance, please drop us an email at Contact Us.
How to play

How to access my Wallet?

We have made this easy by keeping the wallet accessible for all by placing the wallet in the home screen.

How do I withdraw money?

Go to home screen under wallet section you can find an option to “Withdraw Money” and just click on it and you should be able to withdraw all the winning amount. There is no processing fee applied on any of your withdrawals.

How do I Verify My Account?

Your GameChanger11 account needs to be verified before you start withdrawing money. You can simply verify your account by giving your mobile number, email address, PAN and bank details.

What is the relaxed deadline?

One of the other things GameChanger11 lets you do is the ability to make changes in your squad till the very last minute before the start of the game. This give enough time to decide which players you’d like to be in your team and play to win.


Which leagues I am eligible to join?

There are a number of leagues you can be a part of! You can join 2-member, 3-member, and 5-member leagues, etc depending on the number of competitors in a league. You can also join cash leagues to win some real money or the free leagues to brush up your cricket skills until you can compete in cash leagues.

How can I create a Private League/Squad battle?

When creating a Private League, you can either create a League or a Squad Battle. Here’s how you can create a private league:

  • Pick the match you’d like to play in and click on the ‘Create League’ button.
  • Select different options to create a league of your liking and click ‘Join’.
  • Send invites via email, or by sharing an invite via Facebook.
  • The people you invite can join the league by opening the link you send to them.

How can I join a private league?

You need an invite from a fellow player to join a private league on GameChanger11. Once you receive the invite, follow the steps below:

If you are already registered on GameChanger11 but have not created a squad for the match yet, you need to create a squad for the league you have received the invite for.

After your squad is ready, enter the invite code on the league’s page and click the ‘Join’ button. An entry fee will be deducted from your GameChanger11 account or if you don’t have sufficient balance, you’ll be asked to make the payment.

If you are a new user, you need to get registered on the platform first and then follow the same steps as mentioned here to join a league.

How are cash and practice leagues different from each other?

Cash leagues require an entry fee to join them and you compete with other players to earn real money. The winnings are given to the player whose squad earns the highest points in the league. In a practice league, there is no entry fee involved to participate and the users can play a number of them to improve their cricket skills until they can play in cash leagues. It also gives zero risk and you can even earn out of it

Your Winnings

How will I be informed if I win a cash prize?

The ranks and points are updated and displayed during and at the end of every match. And if you win a cash prize, the winnings are automatically sent to your GameChanger11 Wallet.

When are the winnings distributed?

GameChanger11 declares and sends the winnings to your GameChanger11 account within a couple of hours after the match is finished. Before crediting the winnings to you, we make sure that the fantasy cricket scorecard matches the scores from the live cricket feed. Once we’re sure that the points match the scores, we update the final fantasy points and declare the winners.

Account Balance

How will I be informed if I win a cash prize?

You can see your account balance as well as your transaction history under the transaction history and wallet in home page.

How do I add more money?

To add money, all you need to do is to go to home page – Wallet section, and click on ‘Add Money’, and you will be directed to different modes of payment by which you can make the payment.

What if the amount is deducted from my card but not updated in my GAMECHANGER11 account?

First off, don’t freak out. Your money is safe with us. Such issues usually occur when the transaction gets interrupted or there’s a delay in communication from the bank’s end. In this case, please send us your card/bank statement confirming the debited amount, so that we can check and rectify the error. You can reach out to us from our Contact Us.

How do I get Cash Bonus?

You can earn Cash Bonus by inviting your friends to play on GameChanger11. In your wallet, simply click on ‘Invite Friends And Earn’ to get more cash bonus. You can use this bonus to participate in any public league but you will not be able to join any private league with the same.

Users can also avail cash bonus offers by depositing a fixed amount and can earn cash bonus in return. Cash bonus availed using such offers will expire in 30 days so user needs to utilize it within the 30 days period.


Do I need to undergo verification to join leagues?

Nope. You can continue to participate in leagues without verifying your account and win cash prizes that get credited to your wallet. However, you do need to verify your account when you want to withdraw your winnings to your bank account.

Why is the PAN card necessary to withdraw money?

Here on GameChanger11, you win cash legally and withdraw your winnings from your GameChanger11 to your bank account, so PAN card becomes a mandatory requirement serving as a proof of identity. If you do not have a PAN card, you can still play in leagues on GameChanger11 and your winnings will be credited to your wallet. Meanwhile, you can apply for a PAN card and once you receive it, your account will be verified and you will be able to withdraw your winnings.

Money Withdrawal

How can I withdraw money from my GameChanger11 account?

Once your account is verified, you can withdraw an amount (minimum INR 250) by raising a request, which will reflect in your account within 24 hrs on business days and might see a delay of 2-3 days on weekends on public holidays.

Why am I not able to withdraw the Cash Bonus in my GameChanger11 account?

Cash Bonus is given to you by GameChanger11 to join leagues and win cash in return and can’t be withdrawn to your bank account. It also comes with an expiry date so use it before it vanishes!

To verify my account, what bank details do I need to give?

Well, just so we know we really are sending your winnings to you; we need the following bank account details from you: name of the account holder, , account number, and IFSC code.

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